This years Festa took place on the 25th of September 2011. As you probably know by now it always takes place on the last Sunday in September. This Sunday turned out to be a particularly beautiful day. It was almost as if the Lord granted us this day so that we could celebrate the life of his beloved mother. I’ve posted some highlights of that days festivities so even though you were not able to come you can still partake in a small way in what went on. For those who were there perhaps it will stir some fond memories of the day.

Highlights of The Festa Della Madonna Di Montevergine 2011

The procession commenced at the Hectorville church where hundreds of devoted pilgrims walked to the Newton Church via Montacute Rd, Newton Rd and Graves St chanting the Rosary along the way. Mass was held there celebrated by Archbishop Philip Wilson and Father Gian Marco Mattei accompanied by the St. Francis Choir.

After Mass everyone was probably famished due to that long walk and so they partook of all the lovely food that you normally find on this special day including pasta, trippa, pizza, zepole and other delicious foods. Throughout the day there was also many entertainers in the marquis making sure that their audience were always having a great time. They included the Cugini Calabrese, Carmela De Losinno, Marco Cinque, Armando Masone amongst others.

As the official videographer I could tell that everyone had a great time and were glad to be there on this special day. I hope that the highlights from that day was able to convey just a little of how special and wonderful that day turned out to be. Hope to see you there next year.

For those of you who did attend and wanted to refresh their memories as to what the politicians had to say at the festa you can see it in its entirety by clicking on this link.

Every year hundreds of people from all over Australia make a pilgrimage to the Newton church. They make this journey to join the locals as  they celebrate the Festa Di Madonna Di Montevergine which occurs on the last Sunday of September.

Held on the last Sunday of September the procession starts from the Hectorville church and ends a few miles later at the St. Francis of Assisi Church at Newton. Some of the locals like to refer to Newton as the ‘Piccola Assisi.’ It’s quite amazing to watch as hundreds take place in it walking respectfully and chanting the rosary as they walk.

After the procession reaches the church at Newton a Mass is held in a large marquis, as the Church itself is no longer able to hold the large numbers. Mass is usually said by a visiting Italian priest and many of the guests include political dignitaries usually take part.

After mass the festivities begin which include eating, drinking catching up with old friends and listening to the entertainment. As far as entertainment goes there is always somebody new. Last year they had Antonio Villano who was booked as ‘Tenore Straordinario’, or extraordinary tenor, and from memory he really wowed the audience. As far as the food is concerned, the pasta is just like mamma makes and the pizza is divine. There is also a variety of other Italian continental delicacies including cakes.

Then for the grand finale, what else but a great show of fireworks!

For several years I have been asked to record a video of the event and I have posted a portion of it here for those of you who are interested.