This years feast to the Madonna Di Montevergine is a special one as we celebrate our 60th anniversary of dedication to the Madonna in Adelaide. Our President, Domenico Zollo has the following message for us.

Beginning on November the 29th 2014 first Sunday of Advent our Holy Father, Pope Francis announced that the year 2015 would be dedicated to “Consecrated Life”. It will be a year of grace, viewed with joy by the whole catholic community and conclude on February 2nd 2016 the feast of Presentation of the Lord. We too are asked to ‘Wake up the world” by living the Gospel with our life. Pope Francis asks that we live a good life that generates true joe, a contagious joy.

My friends, let us come together at “The Piccola Assisi” on the 27th Sunday September where we too can “wake up the world” with our “yes” to true joy, a contagious joy while we celebrate the 60th anniversary of devotion to the Madonna Di Montervergine and give voice to our Blessed Pope’s exhortations.

Again we would like to take this opportunity to thank our many sponsors and everyone for their generous support and encouragement given to us over the last 60 years when our Madonna di Montevergine has come door knocking. You have been exemplary in your generosity.

We want to apologise to everyone living in the vicinity of St. Francis of Assisi Church for any inconvenience we may cause through noise, traffic, fireworks etc. on the day of our FESTA.

May God and His Holy Mother Bless us all.

As usual the procession will begin at 9.20 am from the Hectorville Church via Montacute Rd., Newton Rd. and Graves Street. Once the procession of devotion arrives at Newton, Mass will be celebrated by His Excellency the Abbott of Montevergine Most Reverend Riccardo Luca Guariglia. Yes, the Abbott is from Montevergine Italy and everyone is most excited that he is able to conduct the mass.

Entertainment At The Festa Madonna Di Montevergine

As always there will be a lot of entertainment at the feast. Whereas the last couple of years we thrilled the kids with Peppa Pig, this year we’re going all out by inviting Kevin the Minion and Elsa from Frozen. Pretty cool huh? I’m sure the kids are going to be thrilled with that. There’s also going to be face painting and a balloon artist! You can keep up with further updates by liking Montevergine FaceBook page.

Montevergine Feast Adelaide

Don’t worry, we’ve also got great entertainment for the adults. Because it’s the Montevergine’s 60th Anniversary we’ve brought over some artists from Italy. Flavio Fierro will be presenting ‘Le Nostre Canzoni!’ I Zanzarini da Molise will also be making an appearance as well as local favourites like Ital Canti, Armando Masone and others.

You will also be able to give your taste buds a treat as there will be pasta, pizza, zeppole,continental cakes and more tantalising morsels to delight your palate.

But what is even more important is the Festa Di Montevergine is a great place to come together with friends and family, to enjoy the camaraderie that’s possible on occasions such as this. So why not get together and meet on this very special day. See you there.


It is now nearly the end of autumn and in a week it will be spring. More importantly it means that we are getting close to this years Festa Di Madonna Di Montevergine. The committee has been working like busy bees organising everything to ensure this years feast to celebrate our blessed lady will be remembered by all who attend.

Whilst many come to the festa in homage to our great lady they stay to socialize with friends family and other pilgrims. Everyone enjoys the great food, a little taste of Italy, and stay well in to the night to see the fireworks. Then there is also the entertainment from local and interstate artists. The following video is of Joey Fimmano and Graeme Wright singing Funicoli Funicola as part of last year’s entertainment.

If you would like to see more excerpts from past feasts just leave a comment below.

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Every year during the Festa of the Madonna di Montevergine, especially if you take part in the procession from the Hectorville Church and are present at the mass, you will surely see the Dames of the Madonna di Montevergine. They stand out as they walk in theor long flowing golden robes whilst wearing a stark red sash with golden embroidery. The photo below depicts several Dames, from left they are, Tina Mignone, Maria Rosario de-Angelo, Rosalba Scutella, Maria Mignone and Elena Russo.

dames di Madonna di Montevergine

Rosalba is continuing in the Dame tradition by following in her mother’s footsteps. A tradition that the Dames have kept alive since 1955, making the hour long journey from the Hectorville Church to the St Francis Assisi Church in Newton, the whole time paying homage to our most gracious lady, the Madonna.

The Dames continue a tradition that originated from the Avelino province of Campania Italy and they are very proud to be a part of the festa and its cultural and religious significance.

As I am writing this post the Festa is less than a month away but the tireless planning of this and every festival begins with the end of the last one. It’s amazing how much time and effort goes into this week long feast. It seems to grow with each year, the last one attracting about 10,000 vistors, including 20 bus-loads of pilgrims from Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Canberra.

There are over 85 volunteers that take part in the year long preparation and you may actually bump into one as they come door knocking in the Campbelltown Council and surrounding areas. If you do, please give a donation to support this and following festivals.

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This years marks the 57th Anniversary of the yearly festival known best as the Festa Madonna Di Montevergine, a feast that has grown with each passing year. This year will be no different with inquiries becoming more prevalent thanks to this site. As regulars to the feast know the actual day of the celebrations falls on the last Sunday in September and this year that’s on the 30th of September. In the lead up to this years festivities I thought I would do a series of post informing you of just some of the things that you can expect this year. But first a few words from Domenico Zollo, the President of the Montevergine committee.

Mary Full Of Grace

Português: Cerimônia de canonização do frade b...

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI on one of his many sermons from the Vatican has said “Let us invoke with confidence the Virgin Mary, Full of Grace, the Queen of the Apostles and the Church, that every baptized person may become more like a living stone that helps build the Kingdom of God”.

My friends, I am sure that by gathering together at “the Piccola Assisi” on Sunday 30th September, we too can become “Living Stones”, thus showing our belief in God and building His Church through our intercession to His Blessed Mother. Let us all walk hand in hand and kneel at Her feet and ask Her to bestow Her Graces on all the world and bring peace and harmony to us all.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many sponsors and everyone for the generous support and encouragement given to us when Our Madonna di Montevergine comes door knocking.

We apologize to everyone living in  the vicinity of St. Francis Assisi Church for any inconveniences we may cause through noise, traffic, fireworks etc. on the day of our FESTA.

May God and His Holy Mother Bless us all.

Evviva Maria

Domenico Zollo

For this post I think I’ll start with this years religious program. I think this to important because there is so much leading up to the actual feast day as there are many who make the pilgrimage to Adelaide to take part in the entire religious process leading up to the actual Festa itself.

Mary Full Of Grace – Religious Program

Theme for the week Monday 24th September to Saturday 29th September
Monday 7.30pm

Our devotion. Where are it’s roots? An evening of prayer and devotion.

Tuesday 7.30pm

The Madonna is the Mother of God. An evening of prayer for the families

Wednesday 7.30pm

Who is Maria? A woman beautiful and servile. An evening of prayer for children and young adults.

Celebrations in English & Italian. Distribution of Blessed Medals.

Thursday 1.30pm

Maria, a nimble woman.

Celebrations for our elderly and frail with anointing of the sick.

Friday 7.30pm

Without Maria, life is empty.

An evening of prayer for our deceased with procession of the HOLY CROSS.

Saturday 6.00pm

Our courageous Mother.

Vigil (pre-festive). Mass (Englis) 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time. Year “B”

The Icon of Our Lady will be brought to the Church of the Annunciation, Hectorville after mass on Saturday evening where she will repose until the start of the procession on the Sunday Morning.

Sunday – Feast Day

9.00 a.m. Recital of the Holy Rosary in the Church of the Annunciation, Hectorville, led by the prayer group, “Rosario Vivente”.

9.20 a.m. Procession from the Hectorville Church via Montecute Road, Newton Road and Graves Street. ALL RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIONS ARE KINDLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE WITH THEIR BANNERS.

10.20 a.m. Procession arrives at at Newton.

10.30 a.m. CON-CELEBRATED SOLEMN HOLY MASS by Padre Don Guiseppe De Candia accompanied by the choir San Francesco

12.00 Noon After Mass the Dame of Montevergine will prepare a lunch for everybody; (proceeds will be donated to charities) Food will be served all day.

1.00 a.m. Concert by the Giuseppe Verdi Band.

3.30 p.m. Armando Masone, Luigi Vella & Luigi Cirocco and popular local singers.

4.00 p.m. Holy Rosary and Benediction, followed by family Mass (in Church)

5.00 p.m. Monteverdi Singers

6.00 p.m. Elite Accordion Group

7.30 p.m. Joey Fimmano European Classics Musical extravaganza presented by Cav. John Di Fede and Vince Palumbo

10.00 p.m. Fireworks

10.15 p.m. CLOSE

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This years Festa took place on the 25th of September 2011. As you probably know by now it always takes place on the last Sunday in September. This Sunday turned out to be a particularly beautiful day. It was almost as if the Lord granted us this day so that we could celebrate the life of his beloved mother. I’ve posted some highlights of that days festivities so even though you were not able to come you can still partake in a small way in what went on. For those who were there perhaps it will stir some fond memories of the day.

Highlights of The Festa Della Madonna Di Montevergine 2011

The procession commenced at the Hectorville church where hundreds of devoted pilgrims walked to the Newton Church via Montacute Rd, Newton Rd and Graves St chanting the Rosary along the way. Mass was held there celebrated by Archbishop Philip Wilson and Father Gian Marco Mattei accompanied by the St. Francis Choir.

After Mass everyone was probably famished due to that long walk and so they partook of all the lovely food that you normally find on this special day including pasta, trippa, pizza, zepole and other delicious foods. Throughout the day there was also many entertainers in the marquis making sure that their audience were always having a great time. They included the Cugini Calabrese, Carmela De Losinno, Marco Cinque, Armando Masone amongst others.

As the official videographer I could tell that everyone had a great time and were glad to be there on this special day. I hope that the highlights from that day was able to convey just a little of how special and wonderful that day turned out to be. Hope to see you there next year.

For those of you who did attend and wanted to refresh their memories as to what the politicians had to say at the festa you can see it in its entirety by clicking on this link.

Every year hundreds of people from all over Australia make a pilgrimage to the Newton church. They make this journey to join the locals as  they celebrate the Festa Di Madonna Di Montevergine which occurs on the last Sunday of September.

Held on the last Sunday of September the procession starts from the Hectorville church and ends a few miles later at the St. Francis of Assisi Church at Newton. Some of the locals like to refer to Newton as the ‘Piccola Assisi.’ It’s quite amazing to watch as hundreds take place in it walking respectfully and chanting the rosary as they walk.

After the procession reaches the church at Newton a Mass is held in a large marquis, as the Church itself is no longer able to hold the large numbers. Mass is usually said by a visiting Italian priest and many of the guests include political dignitaries usually take part.

After mass the festivities begin which include eating, drinking catching up with old friends and listening to the entertainment. As far as entertainment goes there is always somebody new. Last year they had Antonio Villano who was booked as ‘Tenore Straordinario’, or extraordinary tenor, and from memory he really wowed the audience. As far as the food is concerned, the pasta is just like mamma makes and the pizza is divine. There is also a variety of other Italian continental delicacies including cakes.

Then for the grand finale, what else but a great show of fireworks!

For several years I have been asked to record a video of the event and I have posted a portion of it here for those of you who are interested.